BBC Radio Wales Commissions Announced

Rubber Chicken is delighted to announce we will be making three new series for BBC Radio Wales in 2016.

Gein’s Family Giftshop 2

Critically adored Gein’s Family Giftshop bring their unique brand of personality-led sketch comedy back to Radio Wales for another outing of completely pointless, purposeless, directionless nonsense. Since we last met them, they’ve won Best Sketch Act at the Chortle Awards, and Gein’s Family Giftshop’s Christmas has aired on Sky Arts. In this new series of stand alone episodes… expect as-live half hour cookery displays, expect the latest entry to the space race, expect Art-Attack for grown ups. What could possibly go right?

Be Lucky 

There is a house. In the middle of nowhere. Well, it’s not even in the middle. That would make it remarkable. It’s half-way between the middle of nowhere and the edge of nowhere. The house belongs to Dylan. Dylan wants to be left alone. He has all he needs and he’s happy with his own company. But despite this physical isolation, and his inability to leave, Dylan is constantly interrupted and sucked into extraordinary events.

An audience sitcom by James Cary (Miranda, Bluestone 42), set in a remote Welsh house where not a lot keeps on happening.

Amy Howerska: Sasspot 

In 1984 Amy was born in Swansea – the youngest child in a wild pack of world champion extreme sports fanatics, and with an ex SAS soldier for a father. She grew up in a Welsh skydiving centre in the 80s, escaped to Oxford University in the 90s, and eventually moved to London to become a stand-up comic in 2009. Then, just when she thought she had finally escaped her family, they tried to move in with her.

A comedy documentary tracking one comic’s quest to spin comedy gold from real life. With the riches of a fascinating and eccentric background brimming with endless unusual stories and genuinely odd people, where and how do you start to tell the story?