Meet the Chickens

Tom Price

Co-founder of the Chicken.

Presenter/stand up/actor/blood donor and all round good guy.

He’s the star of The Leak and an amazing YouTube video with Billie Piper (Google it).

Dave Cribb

Co-founder of the Chicken.

Producer/writer/musician/technical genius, if you want a man standing in the street shouting “TROUSERS!” to sound amazing, Dave’s your man.

Katie Storey

The one who actually does the work, makes everything happen, like oil in an engine, but not sticky and hard to get off your trousers (at least not anymore).

She’s also the magic portal by which YOU can contact the chicken, so fire away. Unless you’re Tom’s mum, then just go straight to Tom. Seriously, Sally, stop pestering Katie.

Dan Kiss

Dan Kiss is a Welsh man, writer and friend. After learning to write at the age of 25, Dan has written over 4 words. Mainly because he turned 25 yesterday.

He’s probably got the sharpest mind out of anyone on here, and he does a smashing reverse park. Video available on request.

Nigel Crowle

Right. Okay. So. Nige is Mr. Experience, as a script editor and writer he’s done it all, not only is he a man of the people, he’s also a man who’s written on the Chuckle Brothers. And the Tweenies. So there.

He’s also the voice of The Leak, and the voice asking us not to mention the Tweenies. Too late Nige!

Robin Morgan

“One of the finest stand-ups to emerge from the Welsh scene in years”- not our words, the words of Robin’s mum, so try arguing with that!

Not only is Robin a fantastic performer he’s also a brilliant writer, with most of his best/least horrifically offensive lines being used to power the mouth of Tom Price on Radio Wales’ The Leak.

Clint Edwards

“The one everyone wants to sleep with”- not our words, the words of Robin’s mum, so try arguing with that! Clint’s not only a hilarious, charismatic wit and stand up, he’s also very, very tall, and the value of that quality should never be underestimated.

(In accordance with his wishes we have made sure that there is enough space between the L and the I in his name. We all love,  CL     INT)

Chickens that have fled the coop

Jack Davies

He’s the Chicken who left to go and work at Radio 1 (never heard of it).

He still keeps his finger in our pie though, and stays in touch with us. Mainly because he has to wheel out his Natalie Cassidy impression (can’t do it on here, no font available).

Richard Morris

One of the founding chickens, like Jack, he has now left to work on a show called The News Quiz (??) on Radio 4 (??).

We miss him, mainly because he is the proud originator of the verb “to Moz” which is a vital part of the Chicken Process. I could explain to you what this verb means using a protracted pun-based gag which no-one will get apart from the idiots in the writers room, but he’d just talk us out of it (he’d Moz it).