Comedy Pilots for Audible

As we come stumbling out of the edit room, blinking into the sunlight, we’d like to announce that we have just delivered three original comedy pilots for Audible.

War of the Words

For years people have argued to the brink of violence over who really is the best guitarist, which actress has the best back catalogue, which sitcom the most moving moment. The trouble is no matter how vociferous an opinion is, it is always only just that: an opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. Until now. In this show, two guests passionately fight out the finer points of their high, low and middle culture favourites. Then, we make final, unchangeable decisions and put the questions to bed. With Kerry Godliman and Jarred Christmas, and hosted by Iain Lee.

Questing Time 

Comedian, improviser and nerd Paul Foxcroft hosts a very special game of Dungeons & Dragons for special guest nerds Rachel Parris, Richard Soames, Cariad Lloyd and Nish Kumar.  Expect fiendish plots, evil barons, and much confusion about which die to roll next.


Ear-Gasm – it’s the show that tells you how best to use up your precious commuting time, by using up your precious commuting time. Like a Kermode and Mayo for audiobooks, Tom Price and Robin Ince take on the latest releases and offer up reviews, opinions and top class bickering.