The Greatest Welshman You've Never Heard Of

To commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I, the Rubber Chicken unearthed some exclusive audio footage recorded by the oft-forgotten* wartime journalist Aneurin Davies (John Bocelli).


Narrated by his great-great granddaughter Sian (Gotham’s Erin Richards), we followed Aneurin’s journey around Wales at the outbreak of war, as he tried to capture the impact on the home front with the assistance of his trusty technical bod Tomos (Gareth Pierce)**.


** also fictional


Main Cast

Sian – Erin Richards

Aneurin – John Bocelli

Tomos – Gareth Pierce

Numerous various roles – Dan Starkey

Numerous various roles – Lizzie Roper

Audio Clip

      The greatest Welshman you've never heard of